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MICROPILE INSTALLATION – Fender Marine Construction has been a trusted go to source for micropile installation for over a decade.  

Micropiling installation can be defined as small diameter piles, typically less than 150mm, where the pile load is carried structurally predominantly by the pile reinforcement. Therefore micro-piles are often relatively heavily reinforced with a substantial full length central reinforcement bar. Micropile installation are normally grouted due to small volumes.

Fender Marine Construction offers micropile installation where where a central hollow threaded reinforcement bar acts as both final reinforcement in the completed pile and as the drill rod during installation. Some of our micropiles are installed with sacrificial drillbits under a grout flush. In granular deposits in particular the impregnation of grout into the surrounding ground significantly enhances the geotechnical capacity of the pile.

The purpose of a foundation is to support a building and prevent it from sliding or slipping. Most foundations are made of concrete, but they can also be built from stone, wood and brick. Other than micropile installation, some of the more common types of foundations include a concrete slab foundation, a crawlspace foundation and a basement foundation.

Micropile Applications

Evidence of a foundation that is in need of repair includes floor cracks, wall cracks, foundation cracks, bowed walls, uneven or sloping floors, leaning chimneys, wall separation, wall rotation, nail popping, and doors and windows that don’t open or close properly. Moisture can enter homes through wall cracks, as well as doors and windows that don’t fit correctly, causing further damage to the house. Air can also penetrate through cracks and openings, increasing utility bills. Severe foundation damage can eventually result in a partial or total building collapse.

Rainwater, sprinkler water, and water from broken plumbing can cause significant damage to a home’s foundation. Even though initial signs of water damage may seem insignificant, any evidence of water problems should be thoroughly investigated to prevent the foundation from weakening.

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